Abstract, symbolist and realistic oil paintings | Peja Art Gallery – Petra Jaceňková

 I am self-taught artist and have been painting since 2019, although it has been my passion since childhood (forgotten for a long time and rediscovered with greater intensity) ...

I prefer to work with oil paints on canvas.

Rather than painting realistic objects (although I also paint them from time to time), I prefer to focus on what is outside our "real" world, what is not obvious at first glance, what is behind our real world.
I perceive the frame of the painting as a "door" into a parallel world - another dimension - and it fascinates me to gradually uncover this new space by applying colors. Color as a property of light and light as vibration-energy fascinate me.

It all comes from my "inner necessity" (note: named by Vasily Kandinsky) that I follow, and either I have a certain idea that I feel I want to portray from the beginning, or I start applying colors based on my feelings, emotions and the meaning of the image is revealing to me in the creative process.

Sometimes my paintings only reflect my inner movement, feelings, mood without a clear interpretation.

If they evoke emotions in the viewer and force him/her to "look with his/her heart", then they have fulfilled their purpose.


I wish you a pleasant journey through my gallery ...

Petra Jaceňková